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Find Providers, Shop for Products. Find providers from conventional, complementary and alternative care for professional help. Shop for products to maintain good health at In addition, Vydya Health provides integrated software platform for healthcare providers to manage their practice Appointment Management, Class / Event Management, Contact Management, Directory Listing, Social Media Promotion, E-Mail Marketing and Payment Processing. All the tools work together seamlessly from one site. is a leading international directory for worldwide conferences and exhibitions. is equipped with a unique and comprehensive search that helps you find easily any event in any category or location.  Each event includes detailed information, like, description, dates, location, map, prices, link to the official event's  website and more...

If you search for a conference or exhibition in areas such as Industry and manufacturing, Health and medicine, Technology and IT, Business and finance, sciences, education, services (banking, insurance, tourism, Hospitality and more), government, environment, life style and arts, you'll find it in

VenueDir is a leading directory for major venues around the world with a search by location, size of venue or type of event (conference, seminar, exhibition, wedding and others).In VenueDir you can find the services provided by the venue, including, food and beverages, accomodation, onsite parking, on-site support, audio and video and more.Venuedir provides an option to submit a request for proposal (RFP) to all suitable venues.

Find the best software and services based on their merits. Don't be fooled by fee-driven G2Crowd or Capterra. On our platform, we don't control the outcome of the rankings. We believe our users should be able to determine which vendors are truly the best. Our rankings are based on client experiences or as we commonly refer to as user reviews. We are tired of the pay for play review platforms where companies simply pay to get ranked higher. Companies that deliver positive experiences and attract positive feedback get ranked higher than those that don't. For those seeking granular details, feel free to review our ranking methodology, it's completely transparent. is a platform that is dedicated to all medical doctors and allied health professionals who are looking to keep their knowledge up to date by finding the right educational sessions and getting the latest news updates in their field of practice. Our platform is open for advertising all healthcare related meetings, seminars, workshops, and conferences.



KindCongress lists scientific conferences from all over the world keeping professional conference organizers (PCO), speakers and attendees up to date with the latest conferences from a wide range of sciences. Conferences register to be seen by potential attendees and speakers. And speakers can register to get invited by conferences.


Tabeeby is the first unique and true Health Social Network that connects people, doctors and health care providers around the globe. We serve millions of users through an efficient, prompt & safe communication with doctor-which is essential to ensure that we take necessary care of your health. We aim to create the most extensive network of doctors and people where they can communicate and engage freely and openly, anytime and anywhere where they live. Tabeeby will empower health consumers to take control of their health, have access to medical information, make appointments and private consultations with their doctors ONLINE.